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   The Salt Water Anglers of Bergen County have been taking kids on an annual fishing trip since the end of the Second World War. Many of these kids come from troubled backgrounds and this annual fishing trip gives them an opportunity to have a day of fun and to learn about the sport of fishing. We took about 30 kids/youths from the Ranch Hope home and their counselors in June of 2017 on the charter boat MiJo that sails from the Atlantic Highlands. The kids had a great time and received trophies for the biggest fish caught in several categories. These counselors said that these kids could not stop talking for days about this fishing trip!

  For 2018, we had a trip scheduled for June 4th for fluke, but it had to be canceled due to terrible weather. No sense taking kids out to just get sick. This trip has been rescheduled to October 11th and we will target sea bass. Our club members, not only charter the MiJo fishing boat, but our club members help the kids to catch fish.

  The Salt water Anglers of Bergen County have received a check for $2,000 from Williams, a generous company that has been so supportive for this charitable cause.  Thanks so much Williams!

   The American Legion Post # 170 has also sponsored this trip with a check for $500.  Our club has had its meetings at this Post # 170 for over 35 years and we are also most grateful to the members of this Post for their continued support.

   On June 20, 2015, the Salt water Anglers of Bergen County held a Kid's Fishing Derby at Saddle River County Park to not only have a day of fun for these kids, but to introduce them to fishing. Trophies were given out to the kids along with prizes.The kids and their parents had a great time in catching fish, even if they were small ones! 

   More events are being planned for 2018 to get kids/youths more involved with fishing.


Hooked on Fishing Bill Passes

Background: By John Toth

   The JCAA, the NJOA, SWABC and other groups have been lobbying legislators for many years to pass the HOFNOD bill (Hooked on Fishing and Not on Drugs). The purpose of HOFNOD is to get kids and young adults interested in fishing.


   HOFNOD received approval from the NJ Assembly, but it needed Senate approval before it becomes law. HOFNOD (S-178) was scheduled for discussion in the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee chaired by Senator Paul Sarlo on June 7th 2012.


   Chairman Sarlo asked if there were anyone opposed to it and about eight hands shot up! Mostly animal rights activists testified against the bill claiming it would cause depletion of the fisheries. Incredibly, one of them even said that having  these new kids fishing would result in more lead dropped in the ocean and it would become more polluted!  I was waiting in the audience to testify in support of HOFNOD. What can be so wrong about taking kids fishing! It seems that when fishing and hunting issues are up for legislative approval, animal rights activists come to Trenton to oppose any fishing or hunting legislation, not on its merits. I told the committee about our club’s taking out children on fishing trips for many years and the joy it brings to them. I told them about me taking a girl about 12 years old under my wing and in a short while she was hooking her own bait and catching a lot of fish. This personal story about how kids can enjoy fishing hit home and I saw several legislators nodding in agreement.


   The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee approved this HOFNOD bill. It passed by the full Senate on June 21 2012 stands it now goes to the Governor for his signature. I was glad to be a part of its passage and our club’s taking kids out on fishing trips helped me to make a good case for the passage of this bill!


  Gov. Christie has signed the Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs bill that was passed with bipartisan support.  It supports fishing programs for youngsters with funds derived from the Drug Enforcement and Demand Protection Fund.