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Salt Water Anglers of Bergen County, New Jersey

The winners of the Salt Water Anglers of Bergen County 2017 Fluke Tournament are as follows:

1st- Mike Menzel, Steve Liberty, Don Liberty, Ed Codding


2nd- Jeff Crilly, Scott Crilly, Sean Smida, Lou Derosa, Bob Hryszko


3rd- Bob Cameron


First place was 25 pounds for three fish


Second-place was 23.2 pounds for three fish


Third-place was 22 pounds for three fish


The three Calcuttas were one by a 10.6 pound fluke caught by Mike Menzel

Congratulations to the Winners


    2017 Big Fish Contest

    To limit confusion about the rules governing our Big Fish Contest, our Board members discussed this issue and agreed to the following provisions that would take into effect for 2014 and in the future:

    1.      Fish have to be in season to be entered.

    2.      The fish can be caught anywhere, not in just New Jersey’s waters.

    3.      The fish entered has to be verified by the boat captain or another club member or at an official weigh station.  A picture of the fish is a much-preferred way to verify an entry into the Big Fish contest done by a cell phone or a regular camera.

    4.      A club member can win more than one Big Fish contest prize.

    5.      Dues card number must be on the submitted application (Dues number can be obtained from our Membership Secretary)

    6.      Affidavits must be received within 30 days after the fish is caught.  Entries for fish caught after 12/15 of a given year must be received by Janaury15th of the following year.

    Any member submitting a false affidavit will be disqualified from entering the contest during the year.  If disqualified twice, the member will be expelled from the club.


    Click anywhere on document to download a printable version of this affidavit