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Membership Application for the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County

Mail To:
American Legion Hall Post # 170
33 West Passaic Street,
Rochelle Park, N.J. 07622
Please enclose a check for $60 payable to the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County for an individual membership or $65 for a family membership. Included in this Membership are 2 raffle books with a $20 value. They can be used to win club raffle prizes or sold and you keep the $20. Club meetings are held every  third Tuesday of the month starting at 7:30 p.m.



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The Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County
75th Anniversary (1937- 2012)

  Beginnings The Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County’s (SWABC) history begins in 1937 with its founding by Mr. Bill Backus, writer for the Bergen Evening Record newspaper. Seventeen fellow fishing enthusiasts, who also wanted to start a fishing club, were asked to get together for an initial meeting at the newspaper’s office building located at Main Street, Hackensack.

   After a long discussion on how the club should be formed, the subject of what to name the new club became an important topic. Many suggestions were given, but the name Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County was unanimously adopted at this meeting. Bill Backus was also elected to be the club’s first president.

   As the years progressed and membership increased, the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County moved its meeting location from Hackensack to its present location at the American Legion Post # 170 located at 33 West Passaic Street in Rochelle Park. With an anniversary of 75 years, it is one of the oldest saltwater fishing clubs in New Jersey.

  Present – The club’s goals are to promote saltwater fishing, good sportsmanship and fellowship, saltwater fishing knowledge and conservation through education. These goals have not changed since the club’s founding in 1937. However, times have changed since the club was initially formed and now there are new threats to our environment through pollution with chemicals that did not exist in the 1930’s. Also, threats to the viability of saltwater fishing continually surface such as restrictive quotas and seasonal closures on certain species. The club’s monthly bulletin keeps members updated on these important issues and these issues are also discussed at the club’s meetings. The club has supported the Jersey Coast Anglers Association (JCAA) and the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA) in our never-ending battles to protect our future fisheries such as the Pots Off The Reef legislation.

  Activities – The Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County is a non-profit organization, run entirely by volunteers. Each club meeting has an educational segment to it so that members can learn something to improve their fishing skills or learn about other issues concerning saltwater fishing. Captains like Jim Freda from Shore Catch Guide Service are invited to explain what are the best baits to use during the Fall season. Captain Frank Tenore of Fins On Feathers was a guest speaker to explain the best techniques to catch blackfish. These types of speakers are the ones anglers usually pay to attend at those “How To” seminars, but they are in the club’s regular speaker program to improve the fishing skills of its members at no extra cost. Speakers such as Bruce Franklin who wrote the book “Menhaden – the Most Important Fish in the Sea” are also invited to discuss the impact that the decline of menhaden stocks has on recreational fishing. At the meetings, fishing charter trips and other events are discussed for member participation. Starting at 7:30 p.m. before some of the meetings, members learn how to tie knots and rigs for various species like blackfish. These are “hands on” demonstrations so members can learn how to tie knots and rigs themselves. The club also has a Big Fish contest and awards are given out to anglers who catch the biggest fish in various categories. Each year, underprivileged children are taken on a chartered fishing trip sponsored by the club for a day of pure fun. On the third Tuesday of March, all of the club’s past presidents are honored at a special Past President’s Dinner. The club has an approximate membership of 120 members.

   The Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County are always looking for new members. The club’s meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at the American Legion Post # 170 located at 33 West Passaic Street in Rochelle Park. The dues for an individual are $60 for the first year and $55 for each year thereafter (includes two club raffle books). Family membership is $65.00. More information about the Saltwater Anglers of Bergen County can be obtained by calling member Chuck Santoro at (201) 446-9047. Log on to www.swabc.org. for more information.